About Our Practices

SoCal Medical Thermography is committed to providing the highest quality medical thermography services. Our team is dedicated to using the best equipment, interpreting physicians, software, thermographers, and education for our clients. We use an FDA-registered Meditherm Camera class 1 medical device, which is specifically designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat.

Our thermographers are trained according to professional standards and protocols, ensuring that your images and written reports are accurate and reliable. With several locations throughout Southern California, you can be sure that you are receiving the best thermography imaging and we are dedicated to educating you about your images and report after your scan.

Our Interpreting Physicians

We have partnered with EMI, a group of board-certified physicians with extensive training in thermology, to provide the strictest standards for interpreting physician selection and strategic quality control measures. Our interpreting physicians utilize state-of-the-art software to perform thermogram analysis with utmost accuracy. The software is capable of mapping, charting, rotating, and aligning images to obtain the most precise comparative analysis over time. With each thermogram, your images are stored and compared to your baseline to monitor even the slightest changes. Trust us to provide you with the most advanced and accurate thermal imaging analysis available.